About Us

Color canvas Material LTD established offices in Dongguan city of Guangdong province and Suzhou city of Jiangsu province to canvas roll for sale network covering the whole China, and products had been exported to Europe and America countries. Our factory located in Suzhou city of Jiangsu province where transportation is nearby Shanghai port.

According to the market requirement, our company is research various printing materials in production and sales market, with advanced equipment and high quality team. Our Inkjet Canvas products including Polyester Canvas, Cotton Canvas, Art Canvas, Latex Canvas, Eco Solvent Canvas, Painting Canvas etc. All canvas for sale to at home and abroad of the developed countries.

Our products are suitable for the printer of several categories:
Inkjet printer is one of the printer, printed with all sorts of color ink mixing. Inkjet printer can spray the large number of tiny drops (usual only a few liters, 10-12 litres) on to print media precisely, for color printer including photo printer, inkjet is absolute mainstream. The inkjet printer can not only limited to the three kinds of color ink, now has six color or even seven color of inkjet printer cartridges, its already beyond the limitations of traditional CMYK color range, also beyond four color printing, the effect of printed photos have comparable to traditional printed photos, even waterproof properties of ink on the market.

Spray painting machine is a large printer series of products, no printing, but now the print machine has greatly improved in high-definition. It’s using solvent or UV type of ink, and solvent ink has a strong smell and corrosive, through corrosion infiltrate to the interior of the canvas roll material in printing process, make the image is not easy to rub off, so It’s has the characteristics of waterproof, UV and anti-scrape etc.

LATEX original means emulsion. LATEX as a kind of emulsion ink can be printed on the uncoated media. Based on its pigment ink of pigment material and resin and emulsion agent formula, it has past solvent ink used to print media diversity and imaging durability advantages, at the same time have a water-based ink for low damage and environmental protection of the equipment, so it is a represent the future direction of functional printer ink.

Its first puts forward the concept of LATEX ink by HP company, and introduced the corresponding LATEX machine, subsequent MIMAKI etc. also has introduced the corresponding solution to form a complete set of equipment and ink. Simple to use only the ink imaging at the print medium combined with jet printing ink everywhere have 50 to 60℃, make the ink curing imaging instantly. Persistent imaging, environmental protection, to adapt to the media widely, do not have harm to the equipment at the same time, the four major characteristics is this ink. The emergence of the ink is a new functional ink revolution to the previous traditional inkjet printing, but also greatly promoted the inkjet solutions in industry applications. It’ll be widely used in: graphic advertisement, decoration, leather printing industry etc. Please browse Latex Canvas to learn more details.

We assure the most quality service and high quality products to our customers, initiative innovation and honesty first, in order to obtain our customer’s trust, to achieve a win-win situation. Please browse these page : Inkjet Canvas, Factory, Certificate, FAQ to know more details about us or Contact Us let us to purchase other products with canvas roll to fill in 1 full container.