Color Canvas Material LTD as one of cotton canvas supplier is a specialized and high quality attracts both at home and abroad customers to buy canvas. We have large scale coating line, high technology enterprise producing color ink jet media. We have been adopting modern water-proof color inkjet technology from USA in manufacturing and our products are challenging the best quality of kind in the world.

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Mainly due to the weather different in each country, inkjet canvas need to prevent cold and damp proof, such as some Nordic countries: Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, etc., it is too cold in winter, we can adjust the coating formula in factory production, as far as possible to adapt to the local climate of a certain period of time.

If the weather is too cold, canvas material appear more rigid, so adornment painting will easy craze in bind canvas frame, serious still can fall coating. So we suggest printer keep constant temperature in printing canvas studios, ink and printing medium can maintain the stabilization at a constant temperature, after printing is not easy to fade, and stay longer.

Also export transport cycle very long, we elaborate on the packaging customization, a single product choose high quality PP seal bag with desiccant, packaging carton are export rigid packaging of double corrugated with quality selection, several carton use in tray to guarantee not easy to damage in transit and moistureproof, every batch of products we have retention samples and print test before canvas exported, file record to ensure that every batch of products stability.

Our Polyester Canvas, Cotton Canvas can be widely used in artistic giclee prints, reproduction of oil painting, wedding pictures, wallpaper, advertising samples, banners, signes, charts, office memo, commercial / residential decorations.

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