Latex Canvas

Welcome you come to buy art canvas from Color canvas Ltd. Latex canvas specialized and high grade canvas for HP Latex machine.HP Scitex LX600 printer for latex canvaslatex canvas

Material: Polyester Canvas / Cotton Canvas / 65% Polyester Mix 35% Cotton Canvas

Gram: 200gsm, 230gsm, 280gsm, 320gsm, 340gsm, 360gsm, 380gsm, 410gsm

Polyester DTY: 300Dx300D / 600Dx300D / 600Dx600D / Customized accepted

Ink Support: UV; Latex;

Thickness: 25S-65S

Usual Size: 24″/ 44″/ 36″/ 42″/ 50″/ 60″/ 72″ / 98″ × 18M / 30M / 50M / 65M / 100M

Finish: Gloosy / Waterproof / Semi-glossy

Background Color: Nutral

Durability: Up to 2 year

Competible printer: HP LX850 L25500 L65500 LX600 LX650 LATEX special models

Packaging: PE film + plastic plug + small box + carton/ pallet, Customized OEM accepted

Application: Oil painting, Posters, Photo, Roll-up for indoor used or advertising for outdoor used

It based on polyester fabric, with Coated resin waterproof coating, strong coating fastness, scratch resistance, perfect ink and color reduction for indoor decoration latex printing polyester canvas. the current maximum width can reach 2.5 m

HP printer model: Latex210 / 310 / 330 / 360 / 370 / 600 / 850 / 3500 etc. They listed success to caused extensive concern by experts from advertising, graphic design, industry. Not only it has realized the breakthrough innovation in the wide printing industry, but it can provide unparalleled diversified solutions and excellent image quality, and high environmental standards.

Color Canvas Roll Material LTD to enumerate the HP Latex Printer diversification of application as below:

1. Metope adornment and canvas (high-margin metope adornment brings new profit potential)
HP Latex printers, use Latex ink, without drying time, therefore from production to installation, without waiting completely.

2. Outdoor activity and banners (to attract new customers)
HP Latex printers is used Latex ink, it has advanced weather resistance and light fastness, and scratch resistance in no cover film condition.

3. Backlight film (emerging in competition)
HP Latex printers can printing in a series of backlit printed materials (including paper, backlight film, polypropylene and fabric) generate up to 1200 dpi dazzling printouts.

4. Focus on advertising posters (low cost, large effect)
HP Latex printers can printing in without coating material. In all types of paper, textile, canvas to create publicity show with eye-catching, including low cost without coating and traditional gelatine printing paper.
If in shopping mall, it can cause the attention of the customer, and to help shoppers to one of the most important decision.

5. Arts reproduction (rice paper, silk, canvas, cork, PU leather, etc.)

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