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We are sincerely expecting buy painting canvas from us of art canvas supplier, and we provide our best products and best service. Focus on trade developments and cooperation with relations from each other.painting canvas

Material: Polyester Canvas / Cotton Canvas / Art Canvas: 65% Polyester Mix 35% Cotton Canvas

Gram: 200gsm, 230gsm, 280gsm, 320gsm, 340gsm, 360gsm, 380gsm, 410gsm

Polyester DTY: 300Dx300D / 600Dx300D / 600Dx600D / Customized accepted

Thickness: 25S-65S

Usual Size: 24″/ 44″/ 36″/ 42″/ 50″/ 60″/ 72″ × 18M / 30M / 50M / 65M / 100M

Ink Support: Pigment; Dye; Solvent; Eco Solvent; UV; Latex; for all inkjet printers

Finish: Gloosy / Matt / Waterproof / Non-waterproof

Background Color: Nutral, White or Yellow

Durability: Up to 2 year

Competible printer: EPSON, ROLAND, MUTOH, HP, CANON, KODARK, etc.

Packaging: PE film + plastic plug + small box + carton/ pallet, Customized OEM accepted

Application: Oil painting, Posters, Photo, Roll-up for indoor used or advertising for outdoor used

Here also introduce the painting school students or individual painter about how to choose canvas:

1. First canvas should choose linen, because flax fiber in the changes of temperature and humidity in fiber expansion amplitude is relatively small, suitable for preservation.

2. Cotton canvas can’t be for oil painting material, because of the severe expansion peculiarity of cotton fiber, it’ll be vigorous expansion in the preservation process, lead to canvas loose folds or color dropping from bottom material layer.

3. But the high price of commercially available pure canvas linen, general individual painter or students can chooses to contain a small amount of cotton fiber blended fabrics.

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