Polyester canvas

polyester canvasIf you Buy Inkjet Canvas from us, Polyester canvas is made of polyester, which is the printing 100% polyester canvas.

Gram: 200gsm, 230gsm, 280gsm

DTY: 300Dx300D / 600Dx300D / 600Dx600D / Customized accepted

Usual Size: 24″/ 44″/ 36″/ 42″/ 50″/ 60″/ 72″ × 18M / 30M / 50M / 65M / 100M

Thickness: 25S-35S

Ink Support: Pigment; Dye; Solvent; Eco Solvent; UV; Latex; for all inkjet printers

Finish: Gloosy / Matte / Waterproof / Non-waterproof

Background: Nutral color

Durability: Up to 2 year

Competible printer: EPSON, ROLAND, MUTOH, HP, CANON, KODARK, etc.

Packaging: PE film + plastic plug + small box + carton/ pallet, Customized OEM accepted

Application: Latex Canvas, Oil painting, Posters, Photo, Roll-up for indoor used or advertising for outdoor used

Polyester canvas has excellent properties, perhaps the disadvantage is that the possibility of embrittlement in the future, and textile without skin texture as painter favorite, mainly used for spray painting printers.

We assure offering polyester canvas with outstanding color gamut and resolution. It’s matte and bright white surface, print by dye and pigment.

It is durable, waterproof and very popularly used by decorative and advertisement as a printing surface, no crack when put on frame.

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